The Department Preferred by Qualified Students
No evening education and summer schools will be available in our department. Our aim is to enrol 20 Turkish and 5 foreign student to the department every year. With applied training criteria, laboratories and infrastructure serving as a base, our students will be trained in well-equipped laboratories with up-to-date theoretical and practical courses. Our graduates will be qualified, sophisticated and competitive engineers in both the national and international mining sectors.

Applied Training
The goal of our department is to provide students with applied training along with theoretical instruction. Each student will have to be trained for at least one year (two semesters) in related mining and mineral processing sectors located in our city or in our region first and then in Turkey. We will put this into practice by signing protocols with mining companies in Turkey. Our graduates will learn the job requirements during the university training period, not after the graduation. Therefore, our qualified graduates will be ready to work in mining sector with their experience and theoretical and practical knowledge. Our aim is to become one of the leading and most prestigious departments in Turkey in a few years.

Student-centered education
The philosophy of modern and advanced education is “student-centered education”, rather than “instructor-centered education”. Faculty members are expected to be transformed from “know-it-all” role, a role which always imparts theoretical knowledge to students in large classrooms, into the “guide and facilitator” role. Students will be trained as individuals who know how to access knowledge sources instead of using ready-information, do research in-depth and believe in lifelong learning theory. As a result, they will graduate with sufficient skills and become qualified and competitive engineers.

Funding of Student Projects
Our University encourages the students to make individual-student-projects and especially group-student-projects. Funding opportunities are available for student-projects in our University. In addition, students will participate in academic research projects carried by their instructors. Therefore, students can earn money thanks to these projects and they can learn how to carry out research projects, how to write project reports and scientific articles during their education life in university. In this way, our students will graduate with sufficient experience to overcome the professional problems in their real engineering life.

Cooperation with Mining Companies and Partners
University-industry cooperation in our country has not been able to go beyond a motto. Universities fall behind the improvement and change in industry and they cannot keep pace with technology in industry. New projects will put into practice by cooperation with industry. Therefore, we will pave the way for applied training and R&D; innovations and change will enable us to take part in international competition. 98% of the total value of our economy results from technology duplicating. This is not innovation, it is imitation. Consequently, imitation will come to an end with the real university-industry cooperation, and innovation will be put into effect.

Laboratories for Applied Training, Research and Mining Sector
Our laboratories consist of modern instruments; the devices make modern research possible and our technical personnel meet industries’ needs. The accredited analyses required by mining sector in our region are done in our laboratories. In our department, 8 laboratories have been  established;

  1. Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  2. Aggregate, Concrete, Natural Stone, Marble and Filling Materials Laboratory
  3. Mineral and Coal Preparation Laboratory
  4. Mineral and Coal Processing Laborator
  5. Mineral Characterization Laboratory
  6. Chemical Analysis Laboratory
  7. Coal and Fuel Analysis Laboratory
  8. X-Rays Analysis Laboratory

R&D Department
Our department gives importance to R&D and career education (Ms. PhD.). We are working on the way to becoming a department that not only publishes scientific articles but also produce patents and technological innovative products as a result of research projects. Projects conducted with mining companies and partners will enable the private sector to compete nationally and internationally, and help our university to develop technologically.

High Revolving Funds
We have detected the needs and demands in our region. We aim at building a structure standing on its own feet, which will boost the lecturers’ performance. Establishing laboratories, we will carry out tests and analyses necessary for our region. We are carrying out projects and cooperation with public institutions, mining sector and partners.

Performance Evaluation and Development System
We are planning to establish a performance development system in our University and Department. We will monitor this through an accredited automation program. Those who work hard, research on R&D, develop patents and generate technological products for new projects will be rewarded. Encouraging “Performance Evaluation and Development System” and discipline will improve motivation and systematic work.

Team Work
We are performing all our activities with a prominent, expert, young, dynamic, hardworking, experienced team who are open to criticism. Trust, initiative, love and concord are the fundamental parameters of our team. We take our decisions by receiving the opinions of experts, partners and representatives in the sector. We conduct our plans and projects with common sense.

Accredited University
By adopting quality and accreditation criteria of universities in developed countries, we are building a model which continuously renews and is compatible with change, communication and interaction. Training of personnel, laboratories, classrooms, course tools and material will be accredited within this model. Course and practice subjects will be updated within the scope of changing and improving technology. Thus, we will not lag behind the development and change in the world. An accredited, reliable, prestigious and preferred university model will be developed.

Job Guarantee Department
Our graduates will be desired engineers in mining sectors thanks to an English-medium education system, an applied training and student-centered education, sufficient student quota, cooperation with mining companies and partners, accredited laboratories, technical trips, funding of student projects, a graduate follow-up system, student exchange programs and international collaboration. Our department and the university will provide our graduates with enterprise and social support. Within the “Graduate Follow-up System”, personnel will help the graduates and senior students during their recruiting process. Job tracking and working areas of our graduates will be one of our fundamental goals. 

Graduate Follow-up System
We will form a “Graduate Follow-up System”. In this system, there will be an electronic database and a computer programming system. In addition, there will be an office in which experts in this field will work for our graduates. Regular meetings with our graduates and social and cultural activities will be organised, which will strengthen the sense of belonging. Guidance and counselling will be provided for our graduates, whose employment will be ensured through continued cooperation with mining companies and relevant sectors. Interfaces will be developed at the university for employed graduates to guide future graduates. Being at Adana STU and being part of this department will bring privilege and awareness.