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Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory
This laboratory houses the equipment used in rock and soil mechanics such as compressive strength, shearing strength, point loading strength, abrasion and hardness, core sampling and core cutting-sizing. All sorts of rock and soil mechanic tests and researches are carried out in this laboratory.

Aggregates, Concrete, Natural Stone, Marble and Filling Materials Laboratory
This laboratory carries out Los Angeles abrasion, natural stones and marble cutting, micro-Deval abrasion, flatness index, abrasion, freezing and thawing tests and research on aggregates, concrete, natural stones, marble and filling materials. 

Mineral and Coal Preparation Laboratory
This laboratory houses mineral preparation equipment such as jaw crusher, roll crusher, disk crusher-grinder, rod and ball mill, ring mill, bond (work index) mill, mechanical mortar, sampling apparatus, standard laboratory sieve sets, screen shakers, pressure filter, drying oven and balance. Ore and coal preparation process and research are also carried out in this laboratory.

Mineral and Coal Processing Laboratuvarı
This laboratory houses mineral beneficiation devices such as shaking table, flotation, falcon separator, magnetic separator, pHmetre, mechanic and heating magnetic stirrers, vacuum filter, benchtop centrifuge, water distiller, water bath, ventilation hood exist. Mineral and coal enrichment experiments and research are carried out in this laboratory.

Mineral Characterization Laboratory
This laboratory houses equipment such as XRD, FTIR, Scanning Electron Microscope, Particle Size Analyzer, vacuum thin section preparation device, thin and polished section preparation devices, polarizing microscope and binocular microscope, Blaine surface area appatus. Mineral and rock sample characterization are performed in this laboratory.

Chemical Analysis Laboratory
This laboratory houses ICP-MS, AAS, pH metre, mechanic and heating magnetic stirrers, along with water distillers, water bath, drying oven, analytical balances, and ventilation hoods. Chemical analysis of ores are also performed in this laboratory.

Coal and Fuel Analysis Laboratory
This laboratory houses the equipment used to analyse coal and other energy-supplier materials, such as computer-controlled carbon and sulphur analyser, full automated oxygen bomb calorimeter, mechanic mortar, analytical balances, drying oven and high temperature furnace.

X-Rays Analysis Laboratory
This laboratory houses X-Ray analysis instruments to analyze and identify the structure of mineral and rock samples and contains devices such as XRF, XRD, ring mill, pellet press for XRF device, analytical balances, fan drying oven, ventilation hood are some of the devices in this laboratory.